Present Continuous Tense Exercises and Examples Affirmative Negative Question

Present Continuous Tense Exercises and Examples Affirmative Negative Question. Present Continuous or Present Progressive tense is one of the most frequently used English tenses. The usage of present continuous tense is to express activity that is still in progress. Besides, present continuous is also used to express near future actions.

Sometimes, present continuous tense is confused with simple present tense. We will discuss later in the other opportunities to describe the difference between present continuous tense and simple present tense. For now, lets focus on the present continuous tense.

Like the other tenses, present continuous tense sentence is available for positive of affirmative sentence, negative sentence, and question sentence.

Present Continuous Tense Exercises and Examples Affirmative Negative Question

The following exercises of present continuous tense will give you ideas on how to make or compose sentence in present continuous tense. What you need to remember about present continuous tense is that you will need the basic element to build it, that is “be” and “ing-Verb”. “Be” depends on the subject. You cannot use like:

I be talking to you

That is incorrect. it should be:

I am talking to you

You can make variations of sentences using present continuous tense:

Affirmative/Positive: I am talking

Negative: I am not talking.

Question: Am I talking?

Making Question using Present Continuous Tense

Things to remember when making question is to pay attention to the “auxiliary”. In present continuous, the auxiliary is the “be”. In the sentence¬†I am talking to you¬†the auxiliary is “am”. Therefore, when making question, especially yes/no question, you have to put the auxiliary in the beginning of the question. It should go like:

Am I talking to you?

Below is a printable exercises of present continuous tense. You can download it and print it. Use it with your students in the class (if you are a teacher). The picture is quite interesting, thus, it is a good idea to print it and stick it to the wall for ease of access.

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